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Agricultural Insurance

Agricultural Insurance with LeMar Insurance, LLC

For most farmers, the threat of a drought or other natural disaster is profound and immensely worrisome. The projected revenues from crops from any line of business – regardless of season or variety – is often critical for the upkeep of a family or commercial farm. Fortunately, there are some products available at LeMar Insurance, LLC that can service the needs of most small and large based farming operations; protecting them from the ravages of nature, and ensuring their continued livelihood and prosperity.

Types of Insurance

LeMar Insurance, LLC provides a wide variety of farming insurance programs for family and commercial farms. One of the most important products is farm & ranch liability which protects you from legal issues concerning your farm. This can protect you from lawsuits regarding injury and can be fitted to your needs. LeMar Insurance, LLC also provides coverage for farm and ranch autos, grain complex coverage, farm and ranch out buildings, combines and tractors, and equipment as well.

Benefits of Insurance

The operations of your farm or ranch heavily rely on the equipment and vehicles used on your property. Without these tools, you can find yourself backed into a corner to complete your daily operations. In the event of malfunction or an accident, the insurance can cover costs to get your vehicle or machinery up and running again. This protection includes events like weather, vandalism, and much more. Talk with our agents for a complete list of included perils.

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Before embarking on a farming excursion, be sure to investigate farming and ranch insurance properly. Let LeMar Insurance, LLC guide you through the murky haze of this process, leaving you to run your operations securely, and watch your business grow. Reach out to our agents to learn more about the policies we offer and how to get started.